Monday, April 13, 2009

Personalize Your Big Day With Save the Dates

Save the date cards were once reserved for destination weddings and out of town guests, but in recent years they have become a wedding essential. For those of you who are not familiar, a save the date is a notification of your wedding date that is sent to your wedding guests. While many weddings take over a year to plan, a save the date is a great way to let all of your friends and loved ones know that you have set a date to make the biggest commitment of your life while also setting the tone for your wedding. Your guest will also appreciate the advance notice of the big day so they can make airline reservations, lose some weight, find a date, find a babysitter or make any other preparations that need to be taken care of prior to the wedding date.

The great thing about save the dates is that, unlike the invitations, there are not as many rules of etiquette regarding save the dates. They can be sent out as early as a year before the wedding or up to three months before the wedding. Your save the dates can be as formal as an engraved card or as informal as an email. Some common choices for most couples is a save the date magnet, or a save the date sticker. Both of which are very simple and inexpensive. Some brides choose a personalized candy bar wrapper or a cookie or some other type of treat to send to their guests. These are great options with endless possibilities for the bride to show her creativity.

One recent trend is that many couples are incorporating their engagement photos into their save the date notices. Not only is taking an engagement photo is a great way to give your wedding photographer a trial run to see how well you work together but it also gives you an instant design for your save the dates. You can use this photo on magnets, stickers, cards, candy bar wrappers or almost any of the options available for save the dates. Your photographer might even be able to create a photo save the date card, similar to photo holiday cards that you can send to your guests.

Couples have a lot of freedom in the design of save the dates and the possibilities truly are endless. Whether creating your own save the dates or ordering them from a stationary company or your photographer, you can really express your personality as a couple and set the tone for your wedding.

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