Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vacation Time!!

We will be on vacation until June 3, 2009. I will be sure to answer all of your emails and process all of your orders promptly upon my return to the office on June 4, 2009.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wedding Monograms – Create An Instant Theme For Your Wedding

What is a wedding monogram? A wedding monogram is a visual symbol of the union of two people becoming one. It is a great way to illustrate the union of two families and can be an inexpensive, yet sophisticated way to visually tie together all of the aspects of a wedding. A monogram is unique to the couple and will leave a lasting impression on their guests.

A wedding monogram is almost like having a logo for the wedding. It can be used on anything imaginable for the wedding such as the cake topper, napkins, favors, programs, silverware, plates, seating cards, linens, thank you cards and any other wedding item that can be personally printed, engraved or embroidered. Remember that the wedding monogram is unique and is a lasting representation of the union of a husband and wife and as such, can be used on anything in their new life together as a married couple--think monogrammed towels, sheets, door knocker, welcome mat, etc.

Monograms can be casual, traditional, contemporary or formal, depending on the couple’s style. They can be based on the couple’s initials and can include the wedding date, an image, even the city or location in which the wedding is held. No matter what style is chosen, a monogram is a lasting, classic way to define a marriage.

There are several companies that will design a personalized wedding monogram, but many brides choose to do it themselves. A simple wedding monogram can be designed using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, however, many wedding vendors will require a monogram in a more graphic format, so depending on the budget and the bride’s plans for using the monogram, it is definitely worth it to have a professionally designed monogram. Another thing to consider when designing a wedding monogram is that many vendors require a longer lead time for producing items using a custom logo, so be sure to allow for that extra time when placing orders.

Another consideration for wedding monograms is etiquette. Traditional wedding etiquette dictates that the monogram should not be used until after the couple is actually married, so the best time to unveil the monogram is at the reception. Many modern couples disregard this rule and have adopted the anything goes rule to wedding monograms and use the monogram on everything from the save the dates to the invitations as well as at the reception.

The order of the couple’s initials is also dictated by etiquette. The bride's initial goes first in a monogram. For example, if the bride takes the groom's last name, the order is bride's first initial/name, shared last initial/initial, groom's first initial/name. Of course, many couples stray from the typical monogram format and opt for a more creative, logo-like look for their wedding monogram.

Of course, not every wedding has a theme but all weddings have one thing in common—the union of a man and woman in love, celebrating their new life together. A wedding monogram is a classic and convenient way of symbolically illustrating this union and creates an instant theme for any wedding.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cathy’s Creations doesn’t make you pay for anything until you see it.

My customers often ask me why they cannot pay for their wrappers at the same time that they place their order. This question always surprises me and my answer is that I am in the business of selling personalized wrapper products, not blank wrappers. Why would I make a customer pay for a personalized product that hasn’t been personalized yet?

When a customer places an order on my website, they are just giving me the directions for designing their one of a kind wrapper. The wrapper is not “done” until I have finished following the customer’s directions and presented a totally unique product for approval. I don’t expect anyone to pay for something that is not complete, let alone something they have never seen.

One thing that I pride myself in is that every single order that I ever fill is completely unique. Every order gets my undivided attention resulting in a totally unique wrapper for their event. All of my wrapper items are completely customized for each individual customer, whether it is a custom order or a pre-designed wrapper—no two wrappers are ever the same.

When I design a wrapper, not only do I fill the customer order, I offer enhanced versions of the wrapper to show the wide range of options available. These options include font choice, font color, images and sayings. I don’t expect everyone to be creative when placing their wrapper orders, I provide the creative service and the customers provide the details. About 75% of the time, the customer will choose the enhanced version of the wrapper.

It is only upon approval of a wrapper design that I request payment. I like to make sure that there are no surprises and that my customers actually get to see what they are paying for. After payment is received, I complete the order and print the wrappers for customer shipment.

This system has worked very well for me so far and has allowed me to earn my reputation as a trustworthy Internet merchant. I hope to continue this practice for many years to come. This is something that I truly love to do.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cathy's Creations Offers 23 New Designs!!!

I am very excited to introduce 23 new designs to the Cathy's Creations family of unique personalized products. This update comes just in time for the upcoming graduation and wedding seasons, not to mention Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays and religious occasions. I have 16 new candy bar wrappers available including 2 brand new graduation wrappers and 5 new wedding wrappers; 3 new wate bottle label designs; and 4 new mintbook designs. Please take a minute to view our new designs below and don't hesistate to browse our online catalog at to view our entire collection of hundreds of personalized wrapper products.

All of my new wrapper items are available for immediate purchase. You can place your order by clicking the link below or you can view my new items at All of the new designs will be included in the website by the end of the day today.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday Shipping No Longer Available

Cathy's Creations will no longer ship on Saturdays. My post office recently cut their hours and they are now only open 3 hours on Saturdays. This decision did not come easily to me, since Saturday is a very convenient day for me to take a trip to the post office but I feel that my time can be better spent working on customer orders than standing in line at the Post Office.

So, going forward, please keep this in mind when placing your orders. All orders will be shipped on the next available business day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Personalize Your Big Day With Save the Dates

Save the date cards were once reserved for destination weddings and out of town guests, but in recent years they have become a wedding essential. For those of you who are not familiar, a save the date is a notification of your wedding date that is sent to your wedding guests. While many weddings take over a year to plan, a save the date is a great way to let all of your friends and loved ones know that you have set a date to make the biggest commitment of your life while also setting the tone for your wedding. Your guest will also appreciate the advance notice of the big day so they can make airline reservations, lose some weight, find a date, find a babysitter or make any other preparations that need to be taken care of prior to the wedding date.

The great thing about save the dates is that, unlike the invitations, there are not as many rules of etiquette regarding save the dates. They can be sent out as early as a year before the wedding or up to three months before the wedding. Your save the dates can be as formal as an engraved card or as informal as an email. Some common choices for most couples is a save the date magnet, or a save the date sticker. Both of which are very simple and inexpensive. Some brides choose a personalized candy bar wrapper or a cookie or some other type of treat to send to their guests. These are great options with endless possibilities for the bride to show her creativity.

One recent trend is that many couples are incorporating their engagement photos into their save the date notices. Not only is taking an engagement photo is a great way to give your wedding photographer a trial run to see how well you work together but it also gives you an instant design for your save the dates. You can use this photo on magnets, stickers, cards, candy bar wrappers or almost any of the options available for save the dates. Your photographer might even be able to create a photo save the date card, similar to photo holiday cards that you can send to your guests.

Couples have a lot of freedom in the design of save the dates and the possibilities truly are endless. Whether creating your own save the dates or ordering them from a stationary company or your photographer, you can really express your personality as a couple and set the tone for your wedding.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cathy's Creations Offer Ultimate Personalization

I am happy to announce that the custom wrapper design page has finally been updated and is now up and running. This recent addition is due to the overwhelming demand I have had in the past few weeks for custom designs.

Hopefully, this page will communicate that many options we have available for custom wrappers and make it a little easier for customers to place orders for custom wrappers. Not many people know that this service is available, so please know that we can design any wrapper for you for any event using the colors, themes, pictures and logos of your choosing. Custom wrappers are printed on the same high quality paper stock and designed with the same high quality standards as all of our pre designed wrappers.

Custom design service is available free of charge for standard size candy bar wrappers, king size candy bar wrappers, half pound candy bar wrappers, water bottle labels and mintbooks. We only ask that you give us an extra day or two to design the perfect wrapper for your occasion.
Please contact us for more information or for a consultation your custom designed wrapper products.