Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cathy’s Creations doesn’t make you pay for anything until you see it.

My customers often ask me why they cannot pay for their wrappers at the same time that they place their order. This question always surprises me and my answer is that I am in the business of selling personalized wrapper products, not blank wrappers. Why would I make a customer pay for a personalized product that hasn’t been personalized yet?

When a customer places an order on my website, they are just giving me the directions for designing their one of a kind wrapper. The wrapper is not “done” until I have finished following the customer’s directions and presented a totally unique product for approval. I don’t expect anyone to pay for something that is not complete, let alone something they have never seen.

One thing that I pride myself in is that every single order that I ever fill is completely unique. Every order gets my undivided attention resulting in a totally unique wrapper for their event. All of my wrapper items are completely customized for each individual customer, whether it is a custom order or a pre-designed wrapper—no two wrappers are ever the same.

When I design a wrapper, not only do I fill the customer order, I offer enhanced versions of the wrapper to show the wide range of options available. These options include font choice, font color, images and sayings. I don’t expect everyone to be creative when placing their wrapper orders, I provide the creative service and the customers provide the details. About 75% of the time, the customer will choose the enhanced version of the wrapper.

It is only upon approval of a wrapper design that I request payment. I like to make sure that there are no surprises and that my customers actually get to see what they are paying for. After payment is received, I complete the order and print the wrappers for customer shipment.

This system has worked very well for me so far and has allowed me to earn my reputation as a trustworthy Internet merchant. I hope to continue this practice for many years to come. This is something that I truly love to do.

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