Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wedding Monograms – Create An Instant Theme For Your Wedding

What is a wedding monogram? A wedding monogram is a visual symbol of the union of two people becoming one. It is a great way to illustrate the union of two families and can be an inexpensive, yet sophisticated way to visually tie together all of the aspects of a wedding. A monogram is unique to the couple and will leave a lasting impression on their guests.

A wedding monogram is almost like having a logo for the wedding. It can be used on anything imaginable for the wedding such as the cake topper, napkins, favors, programs, silverware, plates, seating cards, linens, thank you cards and any other wedding item that can be personally printed, engraved or embroidered. Remember that the wedding monogram is unique and is a lasting representation of the union of a husband and wife and as such, can be used on anything in their new life together as a married couple--think monogrammed towels, sheets, door knocker, welcome mat, etc.

Monograms can be casual, traditional, contemporary or formal, depending on the couple’s style. They can be based on the couple’s initials and can include the wedding date, an image, even the city or location in which the wedding is held. No matter what style is chosen, a monogram is a lasting, classic way to define a marriage.

There are several companies that will design a personalized wedding monogram, but many brides choose to do it themselves. A simple wedding monogram can be designed using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, however, many wedding vendors will require a monogram in a more graphic format, so depending on the budget and the bride’s plans for using the monogram, it is definitely worth it to have a professionally designed monogram. Another thing to consider when designing a wedding monogram is that many vendors require a longer lead time for producing items using a custom logo, so be sure to allow for that extra time when placing orders.

Another consideration for wedding monograms is etiquette. Traditional wedding etiquette dictates that the monogram should not be used until after the couple is actually married, so the best time to unveil the monogram is at the reception. Many modern couples disregard this rule and have adopted the anything goes rule to wedding monograms and use the monogram on everything from the save the dates to the invitations as well as at the reception.

The order of the couple’s initials is also dictated by etiquette. The bride's initial goes first in a monogram. For example, if the bride takes the groom's last name, the order is bride's first initial/name, shared last initial/initial, groom's first initial/name. Of course, many couples stray from the typical monogram format and opt for a more creative, logo-like look for their wedding monogram.

Of course, not every wedding has a theme but all weddings have one thing in common—the union of a man and woman in love, celebrating their new life together. A wedding monogram is a classic and convenient way of symbolically illustrating this union and creates an instant theme for any wedding.

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